News & Announcements

News & Announcements

Please visit our Facebook page for events that were received after our submission deadline.

Attention local organizations and nonprofits in the WRIP listening area.

(Greene, eastern Delaware, southern Schoharie, southern Albany and western Columbia counties)

—–>   Submission Guidelines   <—–

The WRIP Datebook is compiled each weekend based on the information that has been received by noon on Saturday. Please DO NOT wait until the week your event is scheduled to take place to submit your information.

If you would like to have your nonprofit and charity fundraiser events added to the WRIP online datebook and announced on the air, please send the information to at least 2 weeks prior to the event, and certainly no later than 1 week in advance, to allow us time to sufficiently promote it.

Information may also be mailed to WRIP, PO Box 979, Windham, NY 12496, or dropped off at our studio at 265 South Street in Windham.

Please DO NOT send notices of events through Facebook Messenger as they may not be seen before your event is scheduled to take place. You may post flyers for your event on WRIP’s Facebook page. Posts will remain in the pending approvals folder until action is taken by a group administrator, usually within 48 hours.

Flyers for your event may be posted on our Facebook page, however, the attachment must be sent as a JPG or PNG image only. Please proofread your submission to ensure that everything is correct and complete.

Please remember to include ALL of the following information, if applicable:

  • WHO is sponsoring the event and who benefits from ticket sales? (Name of your organization.)
  • WHAT is the event? (Serving breakfast, lunch or dinner? Tell us what’s on the menu.)
  • WHEN is your event being held? (Day of the week, date and time.)
  • WHERE is it being held? (Name of building, street address and town.)
  • WHY is the event being held? (Is it a fundraiser?)
  • HOW MUCH is admission? (Prices for adults, children, seniors, members, donation, free-will offering, or free.)

Please include a contact number with area code, website and/or email address, and any other pertinent details. Make sure your website link works. Don’t make visitors click on half a dozen links before they can get to the information about your event.

Submissions are welcome from area not-for-profit organizations, civic groups, local police, fire and rescue squads, and all local churches. If you can hear us, we want to publicize your events.

PLEASE NOTE: Organizations that seek our free publicity in the Datebook, but place paid advertising elsewhere, are asked to give equal consideration to WRIP. We will pull any public service announcement we see run as paid advertising elsewhere. Organizations with event marketing budgets are urged to contact us about extremely low-cost radio ads for your event(s).