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Why Radio Is Still The Most Efficient Marketing Medium

Radio is everywhere. It's a familiar medium that Americans have been using for generations. Most people own several radios. Radio reaches 96% of Americans age 12 and older each week, (according to Radio Advertising Bureau research, the source for all the statistics which follow). What other marketing medium goes more places? Unlike other media, radio is "accommodating." Listeners listen while doing other things, throughout the day. Waking-up, getting dressed, driving to work, at work, everywhere!

Radio is king in the car. If you wanted to buy a new car without a radio, the dealer would have to special-order it from the factory. Over 90% of all shopping trips are by car. So Radio gets an advertising message closer to the cash register than any other medium. Most adults listen to radio within one hour of making their biggest purchase of the day.

Radio is personal. It's an intimate, one-to-one medium that speaks to listeners as individuals. Listeners have favorite stations and personalities, a bond that's valuable to advertisers.

Radio is influential. That bond makes the listener receptive to recommendations about products and services. Especially products and services recommended by on-air "experts."

Radio moves faster than other media. Need a quick copy change? Running a hot special? Radio gets a message to more people, quicker, and less-expensively, than any other ad medium.

Radio is more cost-efficient than other media. For what ONE newspaper ad costs, an advertiser can run on radio for WEEKS.

Radio complements other media. Radio can tell potential customers to "LOOK FOR OUR AD IN TODAY'S NEWSPAPER!" Or in the Yellow Pages. Radio is like "an insurance policy" for your other advertising.

Event Marketing & Promotional Partnership Opportunities

The Northern Catskills is an unbeatable vacation destination for up to 1,000,000 people each year. Aside from our region’s formidable ski season, festivals and special events that abound in the spring, summer and fall are a draw for visitors and residents alike.

RIP-97.9 is committed to bringing important area events to our listeners with a commitment to doing live, on-location broadcasts. Live “remotes” offer increased visibility for advertisers and opens up countless sponsorship opportunities. Working together, WRIP can help your business grow with a live broadcast to help kick off your special event or grand opening and drive traffic straight to your front door. Ask us about local sponsors who will tell you themselves - no one can deliver customers to your door the way WRIP can. And it’s surprisingly affordable!

Let us show you the ways WRIP can help maximize and grow your business. Get started today! Call or email a WRIP Sales and Marketing Consultant now for all the details.

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